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Guangzhou TERLI New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

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Guangzhou TERLI New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

TERLI is a manufacturer specializing in the production of new energy digital batteries, power batteries, and the equipment required for battery pack assembly lines. We also provide comprehensive solutions for photovoltaic energy storage projects. Committed to meeting customer needs, we deliver high-quality products and professional services. 

Manufacturing of Production Line Equipment: We specialize in producing equipment for the assembly lines of new energy digital batteries, power batteries, and battery packs. Through advanced technology and efficient manufacturing processes, we ensure the provision of reliable and high-performance production equipment to our customers.

Photovoltaic Energy Storage Project Solutions: Based on the requirements of customers' photovoltaic energy storage projects, we offer comprehensive solutions, including project design and construction services. From project planning to execution, we are dedicated to creating sustainable and efficient photovoltaic energy storage systems, providing the necessary batteries and solar panels.

Design and Construction of Integrated Photovoltaic Projects in Construction: We specialize in the construction of integrated photovoltaic projects for residential buildings. Our services include comprehensive design and the supply of materials required for projects. By integrating photovoltaic technology with architectural design, we assist clients in seamlessly incorporating green energy into their buildings.

Mission: Driven by innovation, we aim to provide advanced technology and solutions to drive the development of green energy.

Vision: To become a global leader in the field of new energy, leading the industry towards sustainable development.

Core Values: We uphold the values of pragmatism, innovation, and collaboration. We are dedicated to creating value for customers, providing growth opportunities for employees, and contributing green energy technology to society.

TERLI, partnering with you to create a green future together!


Add:213 Shinan Road, Nansha District, Guangzhou, China.



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