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Energy Storage industry

Our battery formation cabinets and battery sub-capacity cabinets can be used to control the charging and discharging process of battery components in energy storage systems, as well as test battery capacity and internal resistance. This helps ensure the stability and long-term reliability of the energy storage system.

Electric Vehicle Industry

Our professional battery testing machines and battery sorting machines can be used to conduct capacity testing, internal resistance testing and cycle life testing of electric vehicle batteries. This helps ensure battery performance and safety, improving the overall reliability and performance of electric vehicles.

Drone industry

Our battery sticker machine and battery spot welding machine can be used to produce drone battery components, ensuring that the assembly quality and performance of the battery meet the requirements, and improving the flight time and reliability of the drone.

Solar Energy Industry

Our battery testing machines and battery sorting machines can be used to perform performance testing and sorting of batteries in solar energy storage systems to ensure the efficient operation and safety of the energy storage system.

Communications Industry

Our battery capacity dividing cabinets and battery testing machines can be used to conduct capacity testing and quality inspection of backup power batteries for communication base stations to ensure the continuous power supply capability of communication equipment in the event of a power outage.

Medical equipment industry

Our battery sorting machines and battery formation cabinets can be used for sorting and charging and discharging tests of medical equipment batteries to ensure reliable power supply and safety of medical equipment in emergencies.


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