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160 Channel Prismatic Battery Energy-saving Capacity Grading Machine (TCS37-160/40A)

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  • TCS37-160/40A


160 channel product display of prismatic battery testing machine

The above is the applicable battery size for Standardized Battery Capacity Testers. If you have other battery sizes,


TCS37-160/40A Pressure-type Prismatic Aluminum Shell Battery Capacity Grading Machine, a cutting-edge lithium-ion battery capacity tester designed for precision, efficiency, and durability. As a seasoned expert in battery equipment, we understand the critical importance of precision, efficiency, and adaptability in battery manufacturing processes. Our grading machine is meticulously engineered to deliver unparalleled accuracy and performance in the grading of prismatic aluminum shell battery.

Key Features

- Innovative Pressure-based Grading Mechanism: Setting a new standard in battery grading technology, our machine utilizes a pressure-based grading mechanism specifically tailored for prismatic batteries housed in aluminum shells. This innovative approach ensures precise and consistent grading results, enhancing overall battery quality and performance.

- Customizable Grading Parameters: Designed to accommodate the unique characteristics of prismatic aluminum shell batteries, our grading machine offers customizable grading parameters. Operators have the flexibility to adjust parameters such as pressure levels, cutoff voltage, and discharge characteristics to tailor the grading process to specific battery chemistries and performance specifications.

- Automated Grading Process: Engineered for seamless integration into production lines, our grading machine features an automated grading process. With advanced robotics and conveyor systems, batteries are efficiently handled and graded according to predefined criteria, minimizing manual intervention and maximizing throughput.

- High Precision Measurement and Analysis: Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and measurement tools, our grading machine ensures precise and reliable assessment of battery performance metrics. Real-time data analysis provides valuable insights into capacity, voltage, and internal resistance, enabling accurate grading and quality control.

- Safety and Reliability: Committed to safety and reliability, our grading machine is built with robust materials and incorporates comprehensive safety features. Emergency stop buttons, safety interlocks, and protective enclosures ensure operator safety and prevent accidents, allowing for smooth and uninterrupted operation.

- User-friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use, our grading machine features an intuitive user interface that simplifies operation and monitoring. Operators can easily adjust settings, monitor grading processes, and access data logging and reporting features with minimal training, optimizing efficiency and productivity.

- Quality Assurance and Sorting: With a focus on quality assurance, our grading machine categorizes batteries into different grades or classes based on their performance metrics. This ensures that only batteries meeting stringent quality standards are selected for further use, enhancing overall product reliability and customer satisfaction.

Fixture Form

Pneumatic clamping

/manual quick 


Fixture type

Electric clamp opening, enhanced flat head clamp

Fixture spacing


Support battery

Prismatic battery




detail of prismatic battery testing equipment

Product Parameters

Structure Of Equipment
Device Channel 160 channels Overall Dimension Width 1880mm× Depth 1008mm× Height 2033mm
Fixture Form Electric clamp opening, enhanced flat head clamp
Fixture Spacing 81MM

Support Battery Specifications

1. Battery compatible length 90-210mm

2. Thickness 16-70mm
3. Height 80-230mm
4. Battery tabs 40-150mm

Working Power Supply

Three-phase five-wire system AC380V±10%,50HZ

Power Factor 0.99 @220V AC, Fully loaded, power grid THDu≤2%
Ac Current Distortion Rate <5% @220V AC, Fully loaded, power grid THDu≤2%

Working Power Consumption

≤28 KW

Heat-Dissipating Method

Air cooling
Charging Efficiency Of Whole Machine Charge≥80%; discharge≥70%
Work Environment Indoors, temperature is 10-30℃ under air convection
Channel Parameters

Voltage Measurement Range

DC 0~5V

Battery Voltage Range

Charging DC0~4.5V; discharging DC 4.5~2V

Constant Voltage Range

DC 2~4.5V

Voltage Accuracy

±(0.5%o reading +0.5% full scale)

Voltage Resolution


Voltage Stability


Current Range

Charge DC100mA~ 40A;Discharge DC 100mA~40A

Current Accuracy

±(0.5% Reading+0.5% Full Degre)

Current Steady Reading


Software Function

Control Method

Computer Control Equipment Work, whole cabinet control/single board startup/single point startup, with scanning system

Communication Method

485 serial port communication (baud rate 57600)/TCP communication/chart

Process Settings

Up to 32 work steps and 256 cycles can be set, with the function of nested loops

Charging Mode

Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Constant Current and Constant Voltage

Charging Cut-off Conditions

Constant, current, constant, voltage, -△V

Discharge Mode

Voltage, current, time, capacity

Discharge Cut-off Conditions

Voltage, time, capacity

Time Limit

0~ 30000 minutes/work step, time unit: min

Time Accuracy


Sampling Inspection Cycle

1s-60s optional

prismatic battery cell production machine


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