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8-axis Double-sided Automatic Battery Spot Welding Machine (TC-YCSM-20XZA)

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8-axis Double-sided Automatic Battery Spot Welding Machine

8-axis double-sided battery spot welding machine (2)

12 Volt Lithium Small Electric High Power Professional Semi Automatic Battery Spot Welder for Car and Ebike

Professional High Power Electric Semi Automatic 12 Volt Small Lithium Battery Spot Welder for Transformer and Microwave


The Double-sided Automatic Spot Welding Machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in manufacturing processes, particularly in industries like automotive, aerospace, and electronics. This machine is designed to simultaneously weld two surfaces together, ensuring a strong and reliable bond.

Here are some key features and components commonly found in a Double-sided Automatic Spot Welding Machine:

1. **Dual Welding Heads**: This machine typically has two welding heads positioned opposite each other. These heads apply pressure and electricity to the two surfaces being welded.

2. **Precision Controls**: Advanced control systems regulate the welding parameters such as current, voltage, and welding time to ensure consistent and high-quality welds.

3. **Automatic Feeding System**: Many models are equipped with automatic feeding systems that can handle the parts to be welded, positioning them accurately under the welding heads.

4. **Safety Features**: Safety is paramount in industrial equipment. These machines often have safety features such as emergency stop buttons, safety light curtains, and interlocks to prevent accidents.

5. **High Welding Speed**: Double-sided Automatic Spot Welding Machines are known for their efficiency and high welding speed, which helps to increase productivity in manufacturing processes.

6. **Customizable Welding Programs**: Depending on the specific requirements of the materials being welded, these machines often offer customizable welding programs to optimize the welding process for different materials and thicknesses.

7. **Quality Assurance Systems**: Some machines may include built-in quality assurance systems such as weld monitoring and inspection features to ensure the integrity of the welds.

8. **Robust Construction**: Given the demands of industrial environments, these machines are typically built with sturdy materials and components to withstand continuous operation and harsh conditions.

Overall, the Double-sided Automatic Spot Welding Machine is a versatile and essential tool in modern manufacturing, offering efficiency, precision, and reliability in joining metal components.


  1. Equipment power supply: single phase ~220V±10%/50Hz±10%.

  2. 2.Power<2000W.

  3. 3. Equipment air pressure: 0.4-0.8Mpa.

  4. 4. Overall dimensions (L×W×H): 1060×900×1690MM.

  5. 5.X-axis travel: 540MM, Y-axis travel: 380MM.

  6. 6. Spot welding speed: 0.7-0.8S/piece, 1800-2300PCS/h.

  7. 7. Maximum number of batteries loaded: 400pcs (standard 18650 lithium batteries).

  8. 8. Number of file groups that can be stored: 99 groups.

  9. 9. Operating system: embedded system + human-machine screen.

  10. 10. Transmission mode: servo motor + imported precision linear guide rail.

  11. 11. Welding head: servo motor drive.

  12. 12. It adopts motion controller, supports array and non-array battery packs, and is easy to operate and quickly programmed.

  13. 13. Comes with built-in current welding monitoring alarm to effectively solve the phenomenon of false welding and false welding.

  14. 14. Support breakpoint startup, automatic startup and manual startup mode conversion.

  15. 15. It has a built-in welding pin processing compensation function, and the welding pin part adopts a water-cooling circulation heat dissipation system to effectively reduce the loss of welding pins.


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