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5V Battery Aging Machine (12/24/48/96CH)

Automotive Deep Cycle Electric Vehicle Industrial Laptop Li-ion EV High Precision Hybrid Lithium Battery Test Equipment
High Precision Li-ion Lithium Hybrid EV Electric Vehicle Deep Cycle Industrial Automotive Laptop Battery Test Equipment
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  • 5V (12/24/48/96CH)


5V battery pack aging machine

Automotive Deep Cycle Electric Vehicle Industrial Laptop Li-ion EV High Precision Hybrid Lithium Battery Test Equipment    

High Precision Li-ion Lithium Hybrid EV Electric Vehicle Deep Cycle Industrial Automotive Laptop Battery Test Equipment    


5V (12/24/48/96CH) Battery Pack Aging Cabinet is primarily used for lithium battery pack charge and discharge cycle testing. It measures key parameters such as charging protection voltage, discharging protection voltage, and capacity. The equipment features four test steps: charging, discharging, shelving, and cycling. By configuring these steps, batteries can be tested according to the specified process.

Key Features

- Controlled Environment - Battery formation cabinets provide a controlled environment for the formation process, which is a critical step in the production of rechargeable batteries. The cabinets are designed to maintain specific temperature and humidity levels throughout the formation process to ensure optimal battery performance and longevity.

- Modular Design -  Many battery formation cabinets feature a modular design, allowing for flexibility in configuring the cabinet to accommodate different battery sizes, chemistries, and production volumes. This modular approach enables manufacturers to scale their production operations according to their needs.

- Multi-Channel Charging - Battery formation cabinets typically include multiple charging channels, allowing for simultaneous formation of multiple batteries. This multi-channel capability helps to increase productivity and throughput in battery manufacturing processes.

- Precise Control and Monitoring - Advanced control systems govern the charging process, regulating parameters such as voltage, current, and temperature with precision. Real-time monitoring capabilities allow operators to closely monitor the formation process and make adjustments as needed to ensure optimal results.

- Safety Features - Safety is paramount when working with batteries, especially during the formation process, which involves charging and discharging cycles. Battery formation cabinets are equipped with safety features such as overcharge protection, short circuit protection, and thermal monitoring to prevent accidents and ensure operator safety.

- Data Logging and Analysis -  Many battery formation cabinets are equipped with data logging capabilities, allowing for the collection of data on key parameters throughout the formation process. This data can be analyzed to optimize the formation process, improve battery performance, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

- User-friendly Interface - The interface of battery formation cabinets is designed to be user-friendly, allowing operators to easily program and control the formation process. Intuitive controls and touchscreen interfaces make it simple for operators to set up and monitor the formation process.

- Integration with Manufacturing Systems - Battery formation cabinets can be integrated with other manufacturing systems, such as production line automation software and quality control systems, to streamline the overall battery manufacturing process and ensure seamless operation.

Modular Design

Modular Design

Multi-Channel Charging



Safety Features

Safety Features

Data Logging & Analysis

Data Logging 

& Analysis

Integration Systems

Integration Systems

5V battery aging machine detail

Product Parameters     

Equipment Structure
Model 5V60A-96CH 5V100A-48CH 5V120A-48CH 5V200A-24CH 5V240A-24CH 5V480A-12CH
External Dimension 605×825×1810mm Case Color Standard off-white (customizable)
Single Channel Output Power 300W 500W 600W 1000W 1200W 2400W
Current Response Time ≤20ms (≤10ms optional)
Input Power Supply 380VAC±10%, three-phase and five-wire, frequency: 50Hz±5Hz
Input Power 35KW 30KW 35KW 30KW 35KW 35KW
Input Resistance ≥10MΩ Power Accuracy 0.05%
Equipment Parameter
Charging Voltage 0-5V
Discharge Voltage 1.3V-5V (1.3V is the device port voltage)
Charging & Discharging Current 150mm-60A 300mm-100A 300mm-120A 600mm-200A 600mm-240A 1200mm-480A
Voltage Accuracy ±(0.05%RD+0.05%FS) Current Accuracy ±(0.05%RD+0.05%FS)
Voltage Resolution 0.1mV Current Resolution 0.1mA
Software Function
Channel Control Mode Single point of independent control
Communication Mode RJ-45(Network Port)
Charging Mode Constant current charging CC, constant voltage charging CV, constant current and constant voltage charging CCCV, no impact during constant current and constant voltage conversion
Charging Cutoff Condition Time, voltage, current, capacity, etc
Discharge Mode Constant discharge CD, constant power discharge CP, constant voltage discharge
Discharge Cutoff Condition Time, voltage, current, capacity, etc
Number of work steps In a single cycle Max 9999 Sampling Time 1000mS
Circuit Structure Modular structure design, easy to replace and repair
Recording Time The format is h, min, and S
Software and hardware protection Battery reverse connection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection.

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